Noodles & Company Investigates Potential Data Breach

Noodles & Company Investigates Potential Data Breach

May 23, 2016         Written By John H. Oldshue

Restaurant chain Noodles & Company is currently investigating a potential data breach that may have taken place at several of its 500 locations. The company has hired “third party forensic experts” to look into reports of fraudulent charges on customers’ credit cards since January 2016.

Several financial institutions have come forward about patterns they have noticed between fraudulent charges and customers who visited one of Noodles & Company’s stores. After receiving reports from the restaurant’s credit card processor, the company decided to launch an investigation. That process is still ongoing.

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Noodles & Company says they are working to get chip-based card readers in their stores in the near future. They released a statement saying they “are actively working with [their] key business partners to deploy this system as soon as they are ready.” Chip credit cards are more difficult to duplicate than traditional magnetic strip cards, so having machines like this in place could help avoid future breaches.

Noodles & Company isn’t the only restaurant to get hit by credit card thieves. Earlier this month, Wendy’s reported that 5% of its franchised stores were involved with a data breach. The thieves installed malicious software on the point of sale terminals in these locations to collect credit card information and other payment details from the registers. That software has since been removed.

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