Nintendo Switch Now Stores Credit Card Info for eShop Purchases

Nintendo Switch Now Stores Credit Card Info for eShop Purchases

May 9, 2017         Written By Natalie Rutledge

The Nintendo Switch has only been out for two months, but it is already a big hit with video game enthusiasts in the United States. One of the primary complaints people had about the device is they had to re-enter their credit card information every time they made a purchase in the online shop. That is no longer an issue.

Users now have the option to store credit card data in their eShop accounts. When they want to make any type of purchase from the shop, they can select a card already on file.

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This may be a security issue for parents who let their children play on the Nintendo Switch. That’s why Nintendo created a password option, where the card data is still on file but each purchase must be confirmed with a password. Parents don’t have to worry about their children making unauthorized orders, and users can have peace of mind if their device ever gets lost or stolen.

There is no need to update the Switch to get the credit card storage feature. It should already be live in your eShop account. Nintendo has updated their support site to reflect this change. Only one card can be stored for each Nintendo account, but the same card can be used for multiple accounts.

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