New Ransomware Targets Apple Devices

July 11, 2016, Written By Lynn Oldshue
New Ransomware Targets Apple Devices

If your iPad or iPhone becomes locked and starts displaying ransom demands written in Russian, you are not alone. Countless Apple users have been reporting these unusual activities since February.

The hacker, who is primarily targeting users in Europe and the United States, is demanding $30 to $50 to unlock the user’s Apple device. Users are told they have 12 hours to pay or their data will be deleted.

According to CSO Online, a security professional posted a message to a private email group last week requesting information related to the compromise of at least 40 million iCloud accounts. The message said the breach was performed by a Russian hacker, and that individual is utilizing the login credentials to use the iCloud “locate device” feature “and is then locking the device and asking for money.”

Apple denies the breach originated with them, and most experts agree that the passwords likely came from more traditional methods, such as phishing, or via information leaked from databases like LinkedIn. Since many people reuse passwords across various websites, hackers can purchase leaked login information and try it on many user accounts.

This scam is not a new one. In fact, it was popular two years ago in Russia. Once an iCloud password is stolen, an attacker can use the “Find My iPhone” feature, and put the user’s device into lost mode. The hacker can then lock the device and post a message on the screen.

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