New Frequent Flyer Prepaid Card Rewards Travelers Regardless of Credit Worthiness

September 7, 2017, Written By John H. Oldshue
New Frequent Flyer Prepaid Card Rewards Travelers Regardless of Credit Worthiness

The payment platform i2c is launching a frequent flyer prepaid card, giving travelers a chance to earn loyalty points without the need for a credit card. Typically, these frequent flyer cards are only awarded to consumers with good credit. Since this is a prepaid card, it is available to anyone regardless of their credit score.

Users can load funds onto their cards and earn points to use toward future travel purchases.

One of the intriguing features of i2c’s frequent flyer card is the ability to load an unlimited number of currencies onto it. For instance, if someone needed U.S. dollars, Euros and Great British pounds for an upcoming trip, all of those could be made available on the card. This bypasses the need for a foreign transaction fee and ensures users have access to their money wherever they go.

The company also provides mobile and online money management portals, as well as real-time alerts for transactions and card security issues. Airlines can integrate the prepaid card into their existing frequent flyer programs to expand their customer base and encourage flyers to use their services.

The program does allow for companion cards, so families can all access the same funds when traveling. All of the transactions for the companion cards would earn rewards for the main account. i2c has set up the system to provide instant digital coupons where applicable, so users can immediately access their travel rewards.

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