New EnerBank App Makes Home Improvement Borrowing Easy and Secure

January 10, 2017, Written By Natalie Rutledge

EnerBank launched a new mobile app today that will make applying for home improvement loans easier and more secure.

EnerBank is a bank that helps contractors grow their business, and consumers improve their homes. The EnerBank Mobile App, which is available for Android and iOS, uses a credit engine that can provide loan applicants with a decision in less than a minute. Potential borrowers will still have access to the bank’s lenders if they prefer to work with a professional. The bank predicts that contractors will offer their customers the choice between a loan-by-phone or mobile loan app.

“While our human touch has always been a key differentiator for EnerBank, today’s highly mobile consumers—and the sales teams targeting them—are increasingly relying on mobile applications instead of phone calls for any number of personal and business purposes, including banking,” EnerBank USA President and CEO Charles Knadler said. “The EnerBank Mobile App gives contractors the ability to offer the best of both worlds: the convenience of a secure, easy-to-use app for credit decisions in less than a minute as well as the ability to follow-up with lenders by phone to ensure any unique needs are met in a manner they are most comfortable.”

The app will use modern encryption techniques to keep applicant information secure. Additionally, once the application has been submitted, all data will be deleted from the user’s mobile device.

“Surveys show that while security is a key concern for consumers considering mobile banking apps, more than 60 percent are already using them, with even more saying they’d increase their usage if there was more security,” Knadler said. “We listened to these concerns, making these apps as secure as possible so consumers feel confident sharing their personal information with us no matter which way they choose to apply for a loan to fund the home improvement project they’ve been dreaming about.”

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