New Citi Mobile App Combines Banking, Wealth Management and Money Movement

December 13, 2016, Written By John H. Oldshue
New Citi Mobile App Combines Banking, Wealth Management and Money Movement

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Citi announced details about the new functionality for its Citi Mobile App for iPhone that gives users new banking, wealth management and money movement features. The app, which was created by Citi FinTech, also offers cutting edge authentication features.

The app, which was developed primarily for Citigold clients in the United States, features:

  • Enhanced Log-in Options: Customers can choose from among fingerprint, voice or facial recognition log-ins, in addition to PIN or traditional password entry.
  • Immediate Help: “Click to call” allows Citigold clients to immediately connect with their Citi Financial Advisor, Relationship Manager or the 24-hour service center.
  • Cash Transfers: Citibank customers in the United States can use the Citi Global Transfers feature to transfer funds between Citibank accounts or make transfers between linked brokerage and checking accounts by using their account number.
  • Trading & Investments: Citigold clients can use the app to buy and sell equities, ETFs and mutual funds, which will allow them to initiate real-time trades from their mobile phone. Citi also announced its Citigold clients will soon be able to access a new brokerage account from their app.

The app will also offer an enhanced design, user-friendly language and mobile-friendly screen flows.

“Citi FinTech’s new product breaks ground on two fronts,” said Stephen Bird, CEO, Global Consumer Banking at Citi. “First, it delivers a new custom designed mobile experience for Citigold clients that is among the first to integrate banking, investing and money movement in the palm of your hand. Second, it demonstrates the power and potential of our new agile operating model, a spearhead to leading what’s next for our clients and for Citi.”

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