Nevada to Allow Prepaid Debit Cards at Slot Machines

Nevada to Allow Prepaid Debit Cards at Slot Machines

February 26, 2014         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Gamblers in Nevada may soon be able to use prepaid debit cards to play the slot machines.

The Nevada Gaming Commission voted 4-0 to approve amendments to state regulations that prevent cards from being used at slots. The new rules will let players use prepaid cards to play on gambling machines.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board must still approve of the technology before it takes effect. If approved, payment processor Sightline Payments will handle this business in Nevada.

Prepaid debit cards are designed to act like cash sealed in a plastic card. They are bound by limits based on the amount of money a person loads onto them. Credit cards will continue to be banned from slot machines.

Allowing the use of prepaid cards will make casinos run more efficiently by saving money in cash processing.

“We have significant cost associated with obtaining and handling cash,” said Station Casinos Chief Financial Officer Marc Falcone.

Advocates of prepaid cards say that players will be less at risk by using these cards because they will not have to carry large amounts of cash.

This legislation has only made its way through the state of Nevada at this time, but it may expand to other areas of the United States. The prepaid card industry, already booming, may soon see additional increases due to use in slot machines.

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