Netflix Users Can Soon Pay through Google Play

Netflix Users Can Soon Pay through Google Play

May 5, 2016         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Netflix announced it will soon give the option for Google Play billing for in-app purchases. Netflix users who want to stream movies and shows through their phones will be able to pay for their transactions just like they would if they were buying an app from the Google Play Store.

This feature has been available to iPhone users since September, allowing them to pay for their subscriptions with their iTunes accounts. Until now though, Android users have been required to pay with their debit or credit cards.

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Of course, to pay with Google Play, a user must already have a payment account on file, or will need to add one at the time of purchase. If you have ever purchased an app on an Android phone or completed an in-app purchase (such as buying new lives for Candy Crush), chances are you already have a method of payment on file. You can store multiple forms of payment in your Google Play account, and select the one you wish to use when you complete your purchase.

With regards to timing, a Netflix spokesperson told Variety that the “rollout will take place over the next several weeks.” However, only a “segment of members in all regions” will have this option during the initial rollout. If you need to pay for your Netflix subscription in the next few weeks, check for the Google Play billing option on your phone and see if you can complete the payment in-app.

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