Netflix Scam Threatens Credit Card Accounts

April 22, 2014, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Netflix Scam Threatens Credit Card Accounts

Identity thieves seem to get trickier by the day, and most recently, they have made targets out of Netflix users. Many users have compromised their credit card accounts by giving the hackers access to their computers.

In the new scam, con artists send a Netflix user an email or pop-up directing the user to a log-in page. After signing into that page, the user is notified that the accounts has been temporarily suspended, and that he must call a 1-800 number for support. This number leads to one of the con men, who then proceeds to ask for remote access to the user’s computer in order to fix the problem. Then, the thief starts downloading files.

“It combines a phishing scam with a tech support scam,” said Jerome Segura of Malwarebytes to CBS.

Segura set up fake bank statements on his desktop to try to trap the thief, and he managed to do so. When the con man asked for Segura’s credit card information, he decided it was time to hang up.

The website in question has since been taken down, but there are plenty of others out there like it. Ignore popups on your computer, even if they seem legitimate, and be very hesitant to give remote access to anyone you don’t know well and completely trust. Log into websites directly, not through emails, and you will be less likely to fall prey to a scam like this.

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