Nearly 3,000 New Data Breaches Uncovered

February 27, 2018, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Nearly 3,000 New Data Breaches Uncovered

Troy Hunt, security researcher and founder of Have I Been Pwned, claims he has uncovered 2,844 new data breaches, accounting for more than 80 million records. The records contain email addresses and plain text passwords.

The records came from Hacked-DB, a breach notification company that told HackRead they “discovered 3,000 databases containing 200 million unique user accounts containing email addresses, potential personally identifiable information, potential financial accounts, unique IP addresses, unique account identifiers, and other highly sensitive information linked to organizations and individuals all around the world.”

Hunt then searched this data to see how many of the records were new and how many had been previously reported on Have I Been Pwned, which is how he arrived at 80 million new records.

At this time, there is no indication of where the records came from, and Hunt has said he has no way of knowing how many are legitimate or partially correct, which is why he has flagged them as “unverified.”

Consumers may want to change their passwords, particularly if they use the same password at more than one site, since the data displays passwords in plain text that anyone can read.

To see if your password has been viewed, Hunt has released a new free product called “Pwned Passwords.”  You can type in your password to see if it has been viewed. If it has, you will want to change the password for every account for which you’re using those credentials.

Even though it may be less convenient, it is a good idea to use different passwords for all of your accounts. Then, if your password is stolen for one account, criminals cannot use it to access your other accounts.

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