National Abortion Federation Launches Prepaid Gas Card Program to Cover Travel Costs

National Abortion Federation Launches Prepaid Gas Card Program to Cover Travel Costs

August 15, 2019         Written By John H. Oldshue

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) has launched a pilot program to provide prepaid cards for patients seeking an abortion. The cards are offered at no cost to the clients, and are designed to cover travel costs to and from the clinic.

Due to variations in abortion laws and clinic availability, some women travel great distances to have an abortion. The NAF feels these travel costs may limit some clients’ access to care clinics. The NAF says it is trying to increase accessibility by providing funds for fuel and other travel expenses.

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The program is sponsored by the Dr. Tiller Patient Assistance Fund, a product of the NAF’s Hotline. The pilot is launching in a small group of NAF-member clinics where the majority of clients must travel for care. Some of these clinics were also selected because of state-regulated waiting periods, where patients are required to attend at least two appointments before getting an abortion.

The NAF is testing the prepaid card program for three months. After that, they want to expand the program to other clinics in the country.

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