Splitting Your Restaurant Bill May Get Easier

Splitting Your Restaurant Bill May Get Easier

October 19, 2015         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Smartphone apps are making it easier to split restaurant bills or bar tabs.

Last week, Mozido, a global digital commerce company, and TabbedOut, a company that provides quick payments at thousands of bars and restaurants, announced a partnership to create a mobile application for consumers.

Both Mozido and TabbedOut currently offer similar services, but together, they will be able to expand their mobile offerings to include:

  • Finding locations
  • Join wait-lists
  • Make reservations
  • Order
  • Split Checks
  • Pay
  • Leave feedback

The new application will give patrons the ability to complete all of these transactions from their mobile phones, and the app will work at multiple locations.

“Mozido and TabbedOut are improving the way consumers find places to eat and drink, redeem valuable and relevant offers, place their orders, and pay,” said Michael Liberty, founder of Mozido.

Currently, TabbedOut integrates with many point-of-sale systems and allows patrons to view their itemized check, redeem rewards, split the bill with friends, and pay their tab at bars and restaurants via their mobile app. Customers don’t have to use their credit cards, and they receive a receipt on their mobile phones.

Mozido plans to improve the TabbedOut app by integrating reservation and wait list systems, providing personalized merchant-branded offers, providing loyalty rewards, and giving consumers the ability to order ahead of time.

“Mozido is a leader in providing secure, full-featured mobile solutions to Quick Service Restaurants, retail merchants, banks, and mobile network operators enabling them to better serve their customers,” said Ben Carolan, executive vice president of strategic partnerships at TabbedOut. “Partnering with Mozido enables TabbedOut to not only be the quickest and most secure way to pay, but also to provide the best way to mobilize the entire restaurant and bar customer experience for our merchants.”

There was no release date reported for the new app.

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