Mobile Shopping: Tablets vs. Smartphones

Mobile Shopping: Tablets vs. Smartphones

October 8, 2013         Written By Justin Hefner

People use two devices to do their mobile shopping: smartphones and tablets. Both have their own merits and applications, but a recent Nielsen report showcases the different ways people use them while shopping.

Here are some key findings from the report:

  • More people use a smartphone to locate a store than a tablet (70% vs. 41%).
  • More people buy items on their tablets than on their smartphones (38% vs. 24%).
  • More tablet users research products than smartphone shoppers (46% vs. 39%).
  • 71% of smartphone shoppers use mobile lists while in stores.
  • More tablet users check prices at home than smartphone users (88% vs. 35%).
  • Roughly the same amount of shoppers will review a product at home through their tablet or smartphone (92% vs. 86%).

The conclusion? Smartphone users are more likely to conduct mobile shopping when they are actually “mobile.” They use lists while they shop and look for stores on the go. Tablet users seem to do research and compare prices, much like they would on a computer at home.

Nielsen added that both smartphone and tablet shoppers use their devices while watching TV.

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