Nearly Half of Mobile Device Owners Use Mobile Banking

Nearly Half of Mobile Device Owners Use Mobile Banking

September 10, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

According to a new survey from the American Bankers Association, 39% of Americans and 45% of mobile device owners use mobile banking at least once a month. The rise of smartphone technology and the increasing availability of digital financial solutions allows bank customers to manage their accounts with ease, no matter where they are.

The survey consisted of 1,000 adults in the U.S. who were asked, “In the past month, how often have you used a mobile device to access and manage your bank accounts?” 16% of respondents said they did this one to three times in the last month, and 23% said more than three times. 42% of respondents said they own a mobile device but never use mobile banking, while 14% said they do not own a mobile device at all.

This is the second year for the survey, and the numbers were fairly consistent each year. One slight change was the number of people who own a mobile device but do not use mobile banking, which was 45% last year and 42% this year.

“It’s no surprise that mobile banking has become more popular given banks’ increased investment in this technology,” said Nessa Feddis, ABA’s senior vice president for consumer protection and payments. “Mobile banking is another way that institutions are making it more convenient for their customers to manage their accounts anytime and anywhere.”

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