Michaels Turns 1,100 Stores into UPS Access Points

Michaels Turns 1,100 Stores into UPS Access Points

October 9, 2019         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Michaels and UPS are rolling out a new service, just in time for the holidays. Customers can now pick up and drop off UPS shipments at over 1,100 Michaels stores nationwide.

Michaels is the first retailer to become a UPS Access Point. CVS is another partner for the Access Point program, but they have not yet launched their service. Instead of shipping to their homes, customers can now choose to have their packages shipped to a participating Michaels store.

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UPS Access Point locations also accept pre-packaged, pre-labeled parcels. This includes returns for ecommerce retailers and other stores.

Earlier this year, Kohl’s began processing Amazon Returns at all of their locations. This partnership has proven to be highly successful. In fact, Kohl’s says that Amazon Returns are now a key source of traffic and the store’s “biggest initiative of the year.”

The difference between Kohl’s service and Michaels new program is that Kohl’s handles the packaging and labeling for the customers. All a customer has to do is show a QR code to the store associate, and the return is thoroughly processed. Nevertheless, the UPS/Michaels partnership still provides extended shipping options ahead of the holiday shopping season.

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