This App Maximizes Your Credit Card Rewards

September 4, 2013, Written By Sarah Hefner
This App Maximizes Your Credit Card Rewards

Credit card reward programs can be confusing. A recent study showed only 59% of credit card customers fully understood their rewards program. Wouldn’t you love to know which credit card to use to generate the most rewards from each transaction you make?

A new app for iPhones allows you to check your various rewards programs before making a purchase so you know which card will maximize your benefits. It’s called Rewards Summit, and it is creating quite a buzz.

Some people may be concerned about putting your credit card information into an app. Fortunately, Rewards Summit does not use sensitive information to make its suggestions. You don’t have to tell the app your credit card number. You just have to let it know which cards you have. It will then make its recommendations based on that data.

Rewards Summit includes an up-to-date database of all major credit card rewards programs, so you can know exactly what you need to spend on each card.

If you use a credit card properly–paying off the entire balance on time each month–then you can actually make money by using your credit card. These rewards are a wonderful benefit.

If you don’t have any rewards cards yet, you will need to compare credit card offers to find the right offer for your personal needs. With an app like this now on the market, it may pay to get several different rewards cards in order to maximize your cash back opportunities.

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