Mastercard’s Qkr Lets You Pay Bar Tab from Your Phone

March 1, 2017, Written By John H. Oldshue
Mastercard’s Qkr Lets You Pay Bar Tab from Your Phone

Opening a bar tab is fairly common, but it can be pretty nerve-wracking. What if your credit card is stolen? Will another patron’s drinks be placed on your tab? What if you have one too many and leave it at the bar?

New technology from Mastercard will soon make your happy hour life less stressful. The credit card company has created a digital payment tool, Qkr, that will allow you to open a bar tab through an app on your mobile phone instead of giving your payment card to the bartender.

After you have opened the tab on your phone, you simply provide your server or bartender with a four-digit number. Then, when you’re ready to go, you can pay from your phone instead of waiting for service. The app utilizes Masterpass so transactions remain secure.

“Today, we’re looking for convenience in all parts of our lives,” said Betty DeVita, chief commercial officer, Digital Payments and Labs, Mastercard. “Though grab-and-go retail is becoming increasingly popular with those on the move, consumers maintain high customer service expectations. Qkr! with Masterpass provides them with a frictionless retail experience – bringing together self-service, fast, seamless payments and card safety and security in new and unique ways.”

The only downside is that the app is not available as a standalone option for consumers. Instead, according to Endgadget, your local eatery will need to enable the Qkr feature on their own point-of-sale system, and then provide the service to you via their own app.

Qkr is already available in Australia, Colombia, Mexico and the U.K. and will expand to a number of additional countries in 2017, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, Singapore and South Africa.

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