MasterCard Trains Employees to Be Social Media Experts

MasterCard Trains Employees to Be Social Media Experts

December 16, 2013         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Social media has become the main way many people now communicate. Consumers indirectly promote companies and products by a mere mention in a Tweet or Facebook post.

MasterCard has decided to turn this to their advantage. The company is investing both time and money into getting all company employees up to speed with social media.

MasterCard has over 7,500 employees, and most of those employees already take part in some social media activity. The credit card giant chose to invest in social media education with the hopes that these employees will become natural branding advocates for MasterCard over time.

It may be hard to feel compelled by information sent from a company itself, but promotion from a trusted individual becomes appealing, believable and real. MasterCard wants to use this power to its advantage.

Some people are questioning the motive behind the training. Is MasterCard implicitly expecting its employees to promote its products and services, even if they don’t necessarily want to? Is that fair, or is it false advertising?

We’ll let you form your own opinion about this matter. If you happen to see an onslaught of #mastercard hashtags on Twitter and Facebook, you now know why.

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