Order Groceries Directly from Your Refrigerator

Order Groceries Directly from Your Refrigerator

January 11, 2016         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Ever wish you could just skip the trip to the grocery store and order food right from your kitchen? That day has arrived, thanks to a new product from MasterCard. The credit card giant has partnered with Samsung to launch the Groceries by MasterCard feature on Samsung Family Hub refrigerators.

Consumers who have one of these $5,000+ refrigerators can use the display on the front of the doors to shop virtual grocery aisles from the comfort of their home. The offer is currently only available for FreshDirect and ShopRite grocery stores, but representatives from MasterCard say it will eventually be offered by thousands of grocers throughout the country.

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To complete the virtual shopping experience, users simply check out with a debit or credit card. All U.S. based cards will be accepted through the program, not just MasterCards. Groceries by MasterCard will also be available as a companion app for mobile devices, so users can order groceries on the go.

The new fridge comes with a number of other features, including integration into home automation systems. Users can sync their music and other entertainment options right to their refrigerators.

“In a world where every device–from the phone to the refrigerator–is connected to the Internet, the ways in which consumers interact and transact with their favorite brands are changing,” said Betty DeVita, Chief Commercial Officer, MasterCard Labs, in a statement.

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