MasterCard Launches “Priceless Aruba”

MasterCard Launches “Priceless Aruba”

August 22, 2013         Written By Sarah Hefner

There is a reason why the Beach Boys sang about Aruba in one of their iconic hits–it’s a stunning place to be. If you want to experience the wonders of this area, you may want to look into MasterCard’s new Priceless Aruba, part of their Priceless Cities program.

This is the fifth city from the Caribbean to be a part of the campaign, which is aimed at giving MasterCard customers special perks on dining, shopping, hotel rooms and events when they visit certain areas. In addition to the Caribbean, there are 16 other countries in the program, including four cities from the United States: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami.

Opportunities for Arabia and Germany are scheduled to be added in the future.

Lorena Holguin, the Marketing Vice President for MasterCard’s Caribbean division, says, “Priceless Aruba aims to provide cardholders with unique offers and benefits that make every moment in Aruba a Priceless experience. The goal is not only attract tourists, but also to give them a unique experience so that they return.”

Priceless Aruba was developed with the help of the Aruba Tourism Association, and it is aimed at bringing new people to the country in the coming years.

Sebastian Barletta, Territory Head for the Eastern Caribbean division of MasterCard, says, “At MasterCard, we understand that the tourism industry is very competitive on a global level, which is why it is necessary for these destinations to differentiate themselves by providing value added service as well as high quality and memorable experiences for visitors.”

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