MasterCard To Introduce New Mobile Wallet in Japan

September 17, 2013, Written By Natalie Rutledge
MasterCard To Introduce New Mobile Wallet in Japan

MasterCard has announced it will soon launch a contemporary mobile wallet in Japan that utilizes near field communication. This combines their digital service PayPass with DNP’s mobile wallet and C-SAM’s mobile transaction software.

The new program will allow users to pay for items at the checkout counter even faster and easier than currently possible. In addition to contactless payment options, this program will allow for consumers to scan bar codes with their phones.

Additionally, consumers will gain access to special coupon offers based on their spending habits, which should improve their shopping experiences. The program will alert consumers about loyalty programs and discount offers they may not have known about otherwise.

The mobile wallet should work with most modern smartphones as NFC technology has become standard in the majority of newer phones.

Developments like this show just how well MasterCard is adapting to changing dynamics in the credit card industry. This is sure to facilitate organic growth for the company. MasterCard already has similar programs running in Singapore, and others are expected in the future.

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