Mastercard Aims to Integrate Payments into Google and Amazon Voice Assistants

June 5, 2018, Written By John H. Oldshue
Mastercard Aims to Integrate Payments into Google and Amazon Voice Assistants

MasterPass could be coming to Google and Amazon voice-controlled products in the near future. In a recent interview, Mastercard’s vice chairman Ann Cairns said the company is looking at ways to integrate its payment network with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other technologies.

Before this partnership can take place, Mastercard must figure out the best way to make MasterPass work within the confines of data privacy and security laws. Cairns mentioned the use of tokenization, which provides a one-time code for each payment. A user’s card information is not revealed to the merchant or any other third-party. It stays secure in Mastercard’s network.

Mastercard has already worked with Facebook Messenger to allow small businesses to accept payments through the messaging platform. That service is currently available in Asia and Africa as an alternative to cash and expensive credit card processing.

Cairns referred to these services as “conversational commerce,” which she believes will become “very big” in the future. “The key thing is to make it safe and secure and for {consumers} to really be in charge of the whole experience.”

In addition to tokenization, Mastercard is focused on how voice authentication works on products like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. The company needs to see how the biometrics in these speakers stand up against fingerprint authentication, facial recognition, and other ID verification methods. Cairns says, “We’re the specialists in safety and security in payments, and the technology companies are relying on the big networks to be able to bring their expertise to the table.”

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