Make Online Purchases without a Credit Card with Amazon Cash

April 4, 2017, Written By Bill Hardekopf
Make Online Purchases without a Credit Card with Amazon Cash

Amazon launched a new feature allowing users to deposit money into their Amazon accounts at certain physical store locations so they don’t have to use a debit or credit card for their online purchases. The program, known as Amazon Cash, is available through 10,000 locations nationwide, including CVS, Sheetz and Speedway. Amazon plans to expand the program to more stores in the near future.

To use Amazon Cash, you can request a barcode through your Amazon account. This will be sent as a text message or printable document. Show the barcode at the register of a participating location and tell the attendant how much money you want to upload. Deposits can range from $15 to $500, but daily limits “may vary by retailer.”

Each Amazon account is linked to one barcode, so there is no need to request a new barcode for each deposit. For instance, if you uploaded money on Monday and wanted to upload more on Tuesday, you could use the same text or printed barcode to complete the transaction.

There is no fee to use Amazon Cash, and the funds are available immediately. Previously, a person would have to purchase a gift card in order to add cash to their Amazon account, and each gift card would come with a small fee, usually less than $5. Amazon Cash streamlines this process and eliminates the extra step of inputting the gift card information online.

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