LowCards Offers Free Book to Clarify Confusing World of Credit Cards

LowCards Offers Free Book to Clarify Confusing World of Credit Cards

August 9, 2008         Written By Sarah Hefner

The Credit Card Guidebook, written by the founders of LowCards.com, is a new book that clarifies the complex credit card industry. It tells consumers how to find the right card, how to decipher the confusing terms and conditions of a card, how to get started with no credit, and how to make money off your credit cards.

This 154-page book will be a tremendous resource for consumers since it will help them understand the confusing world of credit cards. But what sets this book apart from all others is that it is FREE.

LowCards.com offers this as an e-book, so consumers can download as a PDF or browse it online directly from LowCards.com (http://www.LowCards.com) at no charge. Consumers can also order a hard copy for the cost of the printing–LowCards.com will not make any commission off the sale of the book.

Credit card debt is now a part of life for many households. This book helps answer many of the questions and concerns that we get from consumers. The goal of LowCards.com is to help consumers find the best credit card for their needs and to educate consumers about using their cards wisely.

The last thing a person in financial crisis needs is to have to purchase another book. That is why LowCards wanted to make this book available absolutely free.

Credit card debt is crippling millions of American families. The “charge now, maybe pay later” mentality has led to the financial ruin of many. A large part of the credit problem is the inability to control our spending. Another part of the credit problem is a lack of consumer education about how credit cards work from the time you apply for that incredible offer to avoiding the high fees placed on these cards.

The Credit Card Guidebook is written by the owners of LowCards.com, the #1 rated Internet resource for credit card information.

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