Lock Away Credit Cards with Vault Wallet

Lock Away Credit Cards with Vault Wallet

October 14, 2013         Written By Natalie Rutledge

As we move toward a cashless society, the need for traditional folding wallets is weakening. While there are still those who bring cash wherever they go, some people have already switched to credit cards only. In response to this, designer Jeremiah Skow decided to make a wallet just for cards. He calls it the Vault Wallet.

The Vault Wallet is made to only hold a few cards. There is no room in it for cash or coins. It is a thin sleeve made out of stainless steel that is durable, strong and capable of protecting against RFID credit card theft.

There are two versions of the Vault Wallet: Vault One and Vault Slim.

“One” comes with two card slots, and it weighs 170 grams. Slim comes with one card slot and weighs 130 grams. Both feature auto-ejecting card slots, which allow you to push a button to gain access to your credit card. You don’t have to fuss with pulling the card out of its holder.

The most important feature of the auto-ejecting slots is the fact that they eject the side of the card with the magnetic strip, exposing only the top half of the card. You can then swipe your card while it is still in your wallet and put it back when you are finished.

Vault Wallet may be a look into the wallet of the future. If you’re looking for a unique stocking stuffer this Christmas, Vault Wallet may be a solution for you.

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