Line Messaging Platform Launches Mobile Payment Service

Line Messaging Platform Launches Mobile Payment Service

December 8, 2014         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Line, a popular mobile messaging platform, recently announced it will be launching a new digital payment service.

The program, known as Line Pay, was unveiled in October, but it could only be used in a handful of affiliate shops, such as Line’s online store. Under the new system, users will be able to connect their accounts with a credit card so they can send digital payments to any location at any time.

The company’s long term goal is to make Line Pay a standard payment method for both online and offline stores. The company wants to set up a peer-to-peer payment solution where people can send money to each other internationally, as well as an option for friends to split the bill at a restaurant.

Line, the messaging platform, currently has more than 170 million active monthly users in over 230 countries. The company offers a wide range of applications in addition to its messaging platform.

Moving into the world of mobile payments does seem like the next logical step for Line. The company was originally only targeting people in Japan, but it now seems they are following Google, Apple and other mobile wallets that have recently come to market.

Line is trying to take proper security precautions to make this new platform a success, requiring a separate password when users operate their Line Pay accounts.

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