LG May Launch Its Own Mobile Wallet

LG May Launch Its Own Mobile Wallet

October 22, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Rumors are surfacing that Android smartphone provider LG may soon launch a mobile wallet all its own. The rumors come after LG applied for a trademark for “LG G Pay” and “G Pay” last week.

LG Electronics has not released any statements regarding the potential digital wallet, but the trademark implies the company is working on a program to compete with the recently launched Android Pay. At this time, LG users are able to utilize the Android Pay platform for all their mobile wallet needs.

In theory, a wallet like this may not hurt Google’s user ratings that much, considering that Samsung devices run on Android operating systems. Samsung Pay is now available for Samsung devices, and Android Pay has continued to thrive despite the increased competition. Samsung applied for the trademark for its mobile wallet in March 2014, and the company launched a public beta test in August of this year.

Meanwhile, Apple Pay remains the only mobile wallet available for iPhones and other Apple devices. The recently updated Capital One wallet is only available on Android devices because of the restrictions Apple has in place.

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