LG Announces Device-Wide Support for LG Pay

LG Announces Device-Wide Support for LG Pay

April 14, 2016         Written By Natalie Rutledge

With plans for its mobile wallet underway, LG announced that LG Pay will be supported on all LG devices, both new and old. This is a major contrast to Apple and Samsung’s mobile wallets, which are only available on select smartphones from each of the providers.

Rumors of the possibility for an LG mobile wallet started in October 2015 when the phone developer applied for a trademark for the terms “LG G Pay” and “G Pay.” The wallet is currently being coined as “LG Pay,” but the official name has yet to be revealed.

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LG has been fairly quiet about the details of its mobile wallet. However, the group has said more information will be coming out “in the next few weeks.”

LG users who choose to activate LG Pay on their mobile devices may still use Android Pay as well. Samsung Pay and Apple Pay will not be available on LG devices, since those wallets are only used on phones made by those manufacturers. Google’s Android Pay is available on many newer Android phones, but it is not available on older model LG devices like LG Pay will be.

LG Pay is entering the market a little late, especially now that stores like Walmart are coming out with their own mobile wallets. Nevertheless, providing device-wide support could be just the edge LG needs to make a name for itself in this growing industry.

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