Leaving A Tip With Your Credit Card?

November 13, 2012, Written By Justin Hefner

Most everyone has left a tip at a restaurant with a credit card. In fact, it is built into the payment processing software and even prints out on your receipt. But what about leaving a tip at your dog groomer, dry cleaner, or other service-based businesses?

We usually see tip jars at these locations for tips, but today, many of us don’t carry cash–just our credit cards. A new product is has been introduced to enable you to leave a tip with your credit card.

Here is how the “credit card tip jar” works:

  1. A company or group of employees purchase the jar which has a credit card payment processor built in.
  2. They place the jar in place of the traditional cash jars and set an amount, such as $1, to be charged when a card is swiped.
  3. Customers can insert their card in the jar and subsequently hear a confirmation tone which confirms they have added a $1 tip.
  4. The employees are then able to distribute the tips at the end of their shift.

A convenient new concept, and another way consumers can use their credit cards in everyday life.

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