Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

August 11, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

The popular online attorney directory,, recently announced it will accept Bitcoins for payments on its website. The site claims to be the first major legal services company to accept the digital currency.

Bitcoin users are offered “faster, cheaper transactions,” including a 10% discount on all services on the site.

The addition of Bitcoins helps two different groups of people who use the site–the lawyers and the clients searching for their services. Lawyers can save money on their membership fees, while clients get a new way to pay for their legal services. For instance, premium membership fees are $89 for Bitcoin users, compared to $99 for the standard rate. The transactions are completed through the website’s secure payment processor, now compatible with Coinbase and Bitpay wallets.

“Bitcoin transactions reduce our costs, improve transaction speed and provide full billing transparency,” said CEO, Gerry Gorman. “In return, we can offer our services at significant savings.”

As we move yet another step closer to a cashless society, it is no surprise that Bitcoins, mobile wallets and all-in-one credit cards are becoming increasingly popular each year. is certainly not the first website to accept Bitcoin payments, but it is rather unexpected, considering the nature of its clientele.

“Bitcoins will account for $20 billion in payments in 2015 and the number of user wallets has doubled to 10 million worldwide in the last year,” said Gorman. “We are always looking for ways to deliver more value to our members and bitcoins are an exciting and fun way to do so.”

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