Laundromats Expand Credit Card Acceptance

Laundromats Expand Credit Card Acceptance

July 23, 2013         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Whenever you think about going to the laundromat, you probably stress out trying to find a pile of quarters to take with you for the machines. Thanks to the development of EASYPAY, you may not have to worry about that any more.

EASYPAY allows laundromats to accept payments in the form of coins, bills, credit cards, debit cards and mobile transfers. It costs the merchant 3.99% for this service.

Many laundromats still use antiquated coin-op mechanisms to power their machines, mainly because they don’t know there are other options on the market. This hasn’t slowed customer loyalty because the need for laundry machines is still present. However, a transformation like the one provided through EASYPAY may enhance the ability to do your laundry at your convenience without worrying about having the correct change.

“No other payment system offers this level of customer convenience and transaction information,” says Charlie Pasquale, the CEO of BCC Payments LLC, the developer of EASYPAY. “As a laundromat owner, I know first-hand that allowing customers to use any form of payment increases loyalty and store revenue.”

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