Krispy Kreme Launches New Virtual Loyalty Card

Krispy Kreme Launches New Virtual Loyalty Card

December 18, 2014         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Fans of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts may have a new way to enjoy their favorite morning delights. The company has launched a smartphone app in select test markets that will provide customers with virtual loyalty cards.

The app is very simple, and works for both Android and iOS users. For every $1 a customer spends at Krispy Kreme, five points go onto the virtual rewards card. Those points can be cashed in for special offers or discounts in the store, much like they would on a traditional loyalty card.

The new app is called My Krispy Kreme Treats, and it is designed to complement the company’s Hot Light App. Existing users will automatically get the new app during their next update. At this time, they can only use their points in select test markets, but if the program is successful, it will expand to the rest of the chain’s stores.

“The brand currently has a 900,000-member Friends of Krispy Kreme e-club, and its Hot Light App has had over 100,000 downloads since its launch,” said Dwayne Chambers, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer for Krispy Kreme. “The My Krispy Kreme Treats App not only provides our retail guests faster and more convenient service at checkout, it also enhances our connection with our most loyal fans.”

New users earn a free doughnut for enrolling, as well as a free doughnut and beverage on their birthday. Other rewards vary by point accumulations, but they could certainly pay off for active customers.

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