Kohl’s to Update Mobile App for In-Store Checkout

Kohl’s to Update Mobile App for In-Store Checkout

September 28, 2016         Written By Natalie Rutledge

In October, Kohl’s will launch a new version of its mobile app to allow store-branded cardholders to check out with their phones in stores. Cardholders simply scan a code at the register to make a payment with the card, and their store card information will be protected inside the app.

This may not sound like a new feature with the prominence of mobile wallets, but it could be a big update for Kohl’s stores in particular. According to Michelle Gass, chief merchandising officer at Kohl’s, nearly 60% of the retailer’s sales are processed through Kohl’s cards. With such a large portion of the community already taking advantage of their store cards, this mobile checkout feature will make their transactions even easier.

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Gass said close to 14 million users have already downloaded the Kohl’s app for Apple and Android devices. The app has several in-store savings features, including the ability to scan a barcode for an item, and find discounts to load into your mobile wallet.

The “Kohl’s Pay Wallet,” as it is currently being called, provides additional savings when customers choose to pay with store cards through their phones. Kohl’s rewards are already integrated into Apple Pay, so users can still take advantage of mobile-based savings until the new feature arrives next month.

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