Kohl’s Launches Amazon Returns Program at Select Locations

October 19, 2017, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Kohl’s Launches Amazon Returns Program at Select Locations

Kohl’s announced last month they would start processing Amazon returns at their physical locations. The Amazon returns program began yesterday at 10 stores in California, Illinois and Indiana, and that will expand to 82 total locations in the next few months.

Amazon is also selling their Echo, Kindle, and other products through these Kohl’s locations. The stores have “mini shops” set up within them, similar to the miniature Apple stores in Best Buy. The kiosks are employed and operated entirely by Amazon, but the returns are handled by Kohl’s employees.

Kohl’s is installing designated parking spots for Amazon returns customers. The returns are processed in the customer service area, where employees handle the packing and shipping to get the products back to the fulfillment center.

There is still no official information about when refunds are processed with Amazon returns through Kohl’s. Most likely, the refunds will be processed once an item reaches the fulfillment center. Refund times vary by payment method. Credit cards take 3-5 business days, debit cards take up to 10 business days, and Amazon gift cards are immediately refunded.

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