Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Response to Experian Breach

Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Response to Experian Breach

October 29, 2015         Written By Bill Hardekopf

On Monday, Keller Rohrback L.L.P. filed a class action lawsuit against Experian. The suit alleges that the credit reporting agency did not do enough to prevent, detect, end or limit the scope of a data breach that was reported this September that affected 15 million T-Mobile customers.

Hackers were able to access the Experian server that held information for T-Mobile applicants who applied for service or device financing between September 1, 2013 through September 16, 2015. While Experian called the breach “an isolated incident of one server and one clients’ data,” hackers obtained customers’ names, addresses, Social Security numbers, birthdays and ID numbers.

The named plaintiff is Washington-based Martha Schroeder, who has been a T-Mobile customer since September 12, 2015. To obtain service, Schroeder provided her full name, address, telephone number, credit and debit card numbers, Social Security number and birthday.

“Consumers have a right to expect that the companies they do business with will keep their information safe from criminals who can use this data to commit identity theft and fraud,” said Cari Laufenberg, a member of Keller Rohrback’s litigation group.

In response to the breach, Experian offered affected customers free identity protection services, but in the complaint, Keller Rohrback stated, “Adding insult to injury, the free identity protection services Experian is offering victims of the Data Breach does not protect consumers from identity theft or identity fraud with regard to the unauthorized use of their stolen PII (personal identifiable information). Instead, the service monitors consumers’ credit reports–only providing alerts as to the unauthorized use of PII after the fact.”

Keller Rohrback also serves as co-lead counsel in the Sony Pictures Entertainment data breach and represents plaintiffs in the Target consumer litigation pending in Minnesota.

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