Kaspersky Lab and WISeKey Launch App to Secure Mobile Devices

Kaspersky Lab and WISeKey Launch App to Secure Mobile Devices

March 21, 2016         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Mobile communications and transactions hope to be made safer with a new WISeID Kaspersky Lab Security app.

The app locks personal data, including account usernames and passwords, credit card numbers and access PINs, into a secure personal data organizer vault. The vault can only be unlocked with the user’s Master Password and/or defined pattern and facial recognition authentication.

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The two companies created the app in response to the growing number of mobile security threats. Even with device security features, hackers can exploit Android and iOS devices with malware.

The app provides web and network protection, device protection and risk detection. It also keeps passwords safe in an encrypted vault, generates advanced passwords and synchronizes data between devices using secure cloud storage.

“Mobile security threats are on the rise as hackers look for new and better ways to hijack devices, for example for Bitcoin mining, cyber-espionage and to trick users into revealing their personal identity and bank account information,” said Carlos Moreira, CEO of WISeKey. “Today’s mobile operating systems offer significant security features, but the temptation presented by the sheer number of mobile phones in use means that criminals, both virtual and real, are not easily put off. The inventiveness that hackers apply to trick users into installing their predatory apps is a tribute to the dark side of human ingenuity.”

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