Jewel Osco Payment Glitch Causes Double Charges

Jewel Osco Payment Glitch Causes Double Charges

September 9, 2015         Written By Natalie Rutledge

The grocery chain, Jewel Osco, recently reported a payment glitch resulting in double charges for some customers on their debit cards. The company has not released details about the number of customers affected by the problem, but if you have shopped at the store during the last month, you may want to carefully check the transactions appearing on your debit card.

The glitch came from an outage at the payment processor that “resulted in some customers’ debit and credit cards inadvertently being charged twice or more for one transaction,” as Mary Frances Bragiel, Jewel spokeswoman, told the Chicago Tribune.

Several customers have reported issues with getting their card approved for transactions, only to find that they were charged for each declined transaction. The customers tried using their cards as both debit and credit cards.

The excess charges vary by customer, but so far, they have been as high as $682.40.

“We are investigating this issue with the processor, and we deeply regret any issues that customers may have experienced as a result of this,” said Bragiel.

If you notice any fraudulent or repeat charges on your account, contact your bank right away to have the matter resolved.

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