Isis Mobile Wallet Partners with Two Major Credit Card Issuers

August 21, 2013, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Isis Mobile Wallet Partners with Two Major Credit Card Issuers

The Isis mobile wallet has now secured two major credit card issuers–Chase and American Express–in its quest to expand throughout the nation.

Isis is a mobile credit card solution that is said to be the next big competitor for Google Wallet. With this system, credit card users can store their information via a program on their phones and use that to make payments in stores. The app has been a success in the pilot programs in Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah. Now it’s trying to spread across the nation.

Earlier this month, Isis and American Express announced they would introduce American Express Serve to the Isis Mobile Wallet. This would enable customers to pay bills online, send money to friends, add cash to their American Express Serve account or fund it using a bank account, direct deposit, credit card or debit card.

Last week, Chase has also formed a partnership with Isis. The new partnership will allow Chase Sapphire, Slate and Freedom cardholders (as well as JP Morgan Palladium cards) to use their phones at the register instead of swiping their cards. They can load their accounts into the Isis Mobile Wallet app and tap to pay at retail locations instead of swiping their cards.

“Based on the positive results in Austin and Salt Lake, we are pleased to expand our relationship with Isis and provide Chase cardholders nationwide with another quick, convenient and secure way to use their credit cards for everyday spending while on-the-go,” said Richard Quigley, President of Chase Card Services, in a statement.

If you’re a Chase or American Express Serve customer looking for a mobile wallet, you may want to give Isis a try. It will soon be coming to an area near you.

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