Internet Crimes Affect 1 in 3 Online Users in China

Internet Crimes Affect 1 in 3 Online Users in China

January 30, 2013         Written By Lynn Oldshue

One in three online users in China have been affected by some type of Internet crime, according to a new report released this week by the People’s Public Security University of China.

An average of 700,000 online users fall victim to Internet crimes every day in China. The Global Times reported that this will cost the Chinese economy over $46 billion dollars in 2012. Many of these victims involve relatively small amounts of money and are therefore not reported.

The most common Internet threats are fraud, pyramid selling, prostitution and theft of personal information. Phishing is also a problem in China.

The government estimates that 564 million people in China now use the Internet, a 10 percent increase over year-ago figures.

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