International Money Transfers Now Available with Android Pay

June 14, 2017, Written By John H. Oldshue
International Money Transfers Now Available with Android Pay

Thanks to a partnership with WorldRemit, Android Pay users can now send money internationally to friends and family members. WorldRemit has over 120 million active accounts, giving Google’s wallet a massive platform for future growth.

The peer-to-peer transactions do not have to be completed entirely through Android Pay. The sender can use Android Pay to upload money, but the recipient can transfer that money to any mobile bank account. This is the first time Android Pay has worked for international money transfers. Previously, the mobile wallet only allowed for domestic P2P transactions.

To send money through WorldRemit, download the app to an Android or Apple mobile device. Create an account using the prompts on the screen. Then, select the country you are sending the money to, how the money will be collected (cash pickup, bank deposit, mobile money), and how much you want to send. The app will show the exchange rate and the transfer fee for the transaction, as well as the total amount of money the recipient will receive. Enter the recipient’s information, and pay using Android Pay or other payment options.

WorldRemit says about 60% of its users have Android devices, and 74% of international money transfers go into mobile money accounts. They are working on adding Apple Pay to their service as well.

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