Huntington National Bank Introduces Commercial Credit Card

May 28, 2013, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Huntington National Bank Introduces Commercial Credit Card

Customers at Huntington National Bank will soon have a new way to handle their business transactions, due to the launch of the new commercial credit card. This gives clients a way to make business payments without using ACH transactions or hand-written checks, technology which is now becoming obsolete.

This is the first corporate credit card for Huntington since the company was purchased by Chase Manhattan Bank in 1999. It is supposed to make invoicing and accounting easier for business customers at the bank, and it will finally fill a void that users have voiced concerns. Cindy Finley, merchant services director for Huntington, says that the old system was “definitely a gap in service.”

Huntington will be cross-selling the card to existing clients through new pages on their site, due to be issued later this year. Finley says “(Cardholders) can pay their supplier today but have use of those funds for an additional 30 to 50 days.”

The company is also expecting to issue two other credit cards in 2013, one for retail customers and one for small business owners.

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