How Walmart Pay May Overtake Apple Pay

November 7, 2017, Written By John H. Oldshue
How Walmart Pay May Overtake Apple Pay

Walmart recently made a bold claim that their mobile wallet “will surpass Apple Pay in the United States in terms of use by shoppers in stores where they’re accepted.” This suggests that Walmart Pay may surpass one of the biggest virtual wallets in the world. Is there any merit to that claim, and if so, how is it possible?

It is important to note the phrase “in stores where they’re accepted.” Apple Pay is available at thousands of retail locations across the country—except Walmart. Conversely, Walmart Pay is only available at Walmart stores. Proportionally, Walmart Pay could grow beyond Apple Pay in stores where it is accepted because there is a smaller pool of stores to compare.

If we go one step further, it is possible for Walmart Pay to become a major mobile wallet in the United States. The retailer has firmly held off adopting Apple Pay to maintain its own competitive advantage. Daniel Eckert, Senior Vice President of Walmart Services, says two-thirds of people who try Walmart Pay for the first time use it again within 21 days. Repeat usage can significantly fuel the mobile wallet’s growth.

Another path for Walmart Pay growth is through the store’s Savings Catcher. This program in the Walmart app  compares competitor prices and credits shoppers with the difference. Users can scan a receipt into the app and receive a credit in one to three days. The credit is available on a free e-gift card, but Walmart heavily promotes activating Walmart Pay to access the funds. Users who do not know to scroll down to get the e-card may activate and use Walmart Pay thinking that is their only option.

Will Walmart Pay become a bigger mobile wallet than Apple Pay? Potentially, but only with certain disclaimers. Apple just launched the beta version of Apple Pay Cash today. This is a peer-to-peer money transfer service that allows Apple users send funds to one another through iMessage. Developments like this may drive Apple Pay further ahead of Walmart Pay in terms of overall usage, even if Walmart has advantages in other areas.

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