How to Send and Receive Money with an Apple Watch

How to Send and Receive Money with an Apple Watch

December 7, 2017         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Thanks to the latest Apple Watch software update, users can now send and receive money with their Apple Watch using Apple Pay Cash. The peer-to-peer money transfer program is also available on iPhones and iPads.

To use Apple Pay Cash on Apple Watch, you must have watchOS 4.2 on your wearable device and iOS 11.2 on your phone. Once the updates are complete, you can select an existing conversation in Messages or create a new one. Scroll down past the “Scribble” button, and you should see a new button that says “Pay.”

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If an amount of money was suggested in the chat, you may automatically see that after selecting Pay. An example: “You owe me $15 for pizza” would suggest $15 as a payment amount. You can increase or decrease the amount of money you want to send, then select “Pay” again to complete the transaction (double tap afterward to confirm).

The Watch will show your available Apple Pay Cash balance before sending the payment. This will be used to fund the transaction. If you do not have enough Cash, the remaining balance will be taken from one of the credit or debit cards you have in your Wallet. You can see which card is being used by scrolling down on the confirmation screen. If you want to use a different card, you can select the arrow next to the selected card and choose another payment option.

You can also ask Siri to complete transfers for you by saying something with a person’s name and dollar amount. Example: “Send $40 to Devon.” This will pull up the transaction for you so all you have to do is confirm it.

There is no fee for using Apple Pay Cash on an iDevice, regardless of how you pull it up. The money will go to the recipient’s Apple Pay Cash card within the Wallet app. The money can be used immediately with Apple Pay, or it can be transferred to a bank account linked to the profile.

Apple Pay Cash is the only money transfer system currently available for Apple Watch, but it is possible that PayPal could create a similar option in the future. During the summer, PayPal was integrated as a payment option for Apple Store purchases across all devices, including Apple Watch and Apple TV. Even if Apple does not let PayPal provide a direct P2P solution, it may use PayPal as a payment option when sending money through Apple Pay Cash.

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