Hot Check Writers in Texas Can Now Pay with Credit Cards

Hot Check Writers in Texas Can Now Pay with Credit Cards

February 16, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Hidalgo County in Texas is giving hot check writers an easier way to pay their bills and get themselves out of trouble before they are served a warrant. The county will now accept credit cards to pay for owed balances and fees.

This became an issue when the county had over $1 million in bounced checks.

A hot or bounced check is a check written without the funds in the account to back it up. This became a growing issue years ago when debit cards were not as popular as they are today. Since a handful of businesses have stopped accepting checks for payment, the need to pay hot check fees has dropped dramatically. Nevertheless, stores still report hot checks every week.

Like most parts of the country, Hidalgo County formerly accepted money orders as the only form of payment for hot checks. The District Attorney’s office changed that setup in an effort to collect money faster and provide more convenience for people facing jail time. Citizens can now pay their fees with a credit card before they receive a warrant, and they can clear their names at the same time.

“It’s a way where they can come in and pay because, in the inception, they would have to pay with money orders. We can’t have any cash,” District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez told KRGV. “Now with a credit card implement, it’s easier for them to pay off.”

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