Holiday Security Measures Frustrate Some Cardholders

January 2, 2015, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Holiday Security Measures Frustrate Some Cardholders

As the holiday season drew to a close, some holiday shoppers found themselves without a way to pay for last-minute gifts. Why? Because the credit card companies were declining their transactions.

In an effort to avoid a Target-sized breach this year, some credit card companies boosted their protection programs, making it impossible for some cardholders to pay for their purchases. A handful of companies went as far as canceling cards and denying charges on the accounts, just to make sure their customers did not have any unauthorized charges.

While the intensions behind these preventative measures were good, they were also extremely inconvenient for those left high-and-dry at the register.

“Credit card companies don’t really trust retailers to secure credit card data,” Eric Chiu, president of computer security company HyTrust, told “They’re ratcheting up their algorithms to detect fraud and proactively reaching out to consumers to confirm purchases.”

If your credit card was declined while shopping during the holiday season, know that you were not alone. Always keep a backup payment source on hand for emergencies, and you won’t be left helpless at the register.


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