Hershey Park Investigates Possible Data Breach

Hershey Park Investigates Possible Data Breach

June 30, 2015         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Hershey Park may have become the latest target of a data breach on debit and credit cards used at the resort and theme park. The case is currently under investigation as Hershey Park works with law enforcement to track down the possible cause.

Hershey first decided to launch an investigation when multiple financial institutions reported fraudulent charges on payment cards after customers visited the park.

“We have received reports from some of our guests that fraud charges appeared on their payment cards after they visited our property,” said Kathleen McGraw, Hershey’s director of communications. “While our company does have security measures in place designed to prevent unauthorized access to our network, we immediately began to investigate our system for signs of an issue and engaged an external computer security firm to assist us. The investigation is ongoing.”

Though the official timeframe of the data breach is not confirmed, KrebsOnSecurity has reported that three financial institutions found their customers visited the park “between mid-March and late May 2015.” The cards were used for a wide range of purchases, including tickets, lodging and dining.

In a statement about the possible breach, Hershey said, “It is always a good practice for consumers to review their payment card account statements.”

The company recommends reporting any unauthorized charges to the payment provider immediately.

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