Green Dot Relaunches MoneyPak for Reloading Prepaid Cards

Green Dot Relaunches MoneyPak for Reloading Prepaid Cards

April 25, 2016         Written By John H. Oldshue

Green Dot announced that prepaid card users will once again be able to load money onto their cards with a MoneyPak. The MoneyPaks will be available in Kroger and Rite Aid stores starting this month, and will soon show up in a variety of retailers nationwide.

The MoneyPak program was temporarily closed down as a means to enhance security. After a series of Green Dot prepaid card scams, the company shut down the MoneyPak reload option in order to create a “new system for mitigating the potential for misuse of the product,” according to Green Dot’s Chief Executive Steve Streit.

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The scammers were finding creative ways to get people to reveal their debit card numbers and PINs, much like they would use for a standard bank debit card. With that information, the scammers could either pull money from the cards or make purchases without the cardholder’s authorization.

MoneyPak cards cost $5.95 to purchase, and can be loaded with $20 to $500. That money can then be loaded onto a Green Dot reloadable MasterCard or Visa through

In addition to using MoneyPak, Green Dot cardholders can add money to their accounts through direct deposit, mobile check deposit, and through a network of merchants that allow users to load at the registers. The money put onto the cards can be used anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

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