Government Payment Services Leaks 14 Million Customer Records

Government Payment Services Leaks 14 Million Customer Records

September 18, 2018         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Government Payment Services Inc., a company which processes payments for thousands of local and state governments, unintentionally leaked more than 14 million customer receipts that date as far back as 2012. The data contained names, phone numbers, addresses, and the last four digits of the card used for the payment.

Before the leak was resolved this past weekend, a person could view the information by altering a few digits in the web address for each receipt. The company, also known as GovPayNet and, said in a statement that “GovPayNet…did not adequately restrict access only to authorized recipients,” but they have addressed the “potential issue.” The company stated the receipts did not contain enough information for viewers to complete a financial transaction, but they have updated their system to prevent future issues.

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GovPayNet processes a wide variety of payments for government agencies, such as court fees, impound fees, child support and property taxes. Agencies that allow users to pay these fees online often work with GovPayNet to accept credit, debit and prepaid card payments.

GovPayNet is currently owned by Securus Technologies, a company that helps law enforcement agencies monitor activity on mobile devices used by former inmates. This company was under fire earlier this year for allowing agents to track people’s cellphones without their consent.

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