Google Wallet Will No Longer Process In-App Purchases

Google Wallet Will No Longer Process In-App Purchases

November 19, 2014         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Google Wallet recently announced that it will no longer be processing in-app payments as of March 2015. The company has not provided recommendations for any replacement services for merchants to use.

According to a question and answer section on Google’s support site, Google is encouraging merchants to switch to other technology sooner rather than later. The company says, “To preserve your user experience, we highly recommend removing your integration and migrating to another payment processing solution as soon as possible.”

After March 2. 2015, any buyers who try to make in-app purchases that were once processed through Google Wallet will receive a 404 error. Merchants will still be able to cancel and refund orders, view reports and edit account settings after that date, but they will no longer be able to process orders through Google Wallet.

This announcement was completely unexpected, and many developers are scrambling to find a replacement solution.

Google has not provided a clear alternative. “Because we feel that Google Wallet merchants know their buyers best, we encourage you to research payment processing solutions to best fit the needs of your buyers.”

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