Google Tests Shoppable Ads on Image Searches

March 6, 2019, Written By Bill Hardekopf
Google Tests Shoppable Ads on Image Searches

Google is giving select retailers a new way to advertise their products. The company is testing a shoppable ads feature, which allows retailers to tag products in ads that show up on Google Image searches.

Pinterest and Instagram already offer a similar service, where visitors can “shop the look” for an image they like. A store links products within an ad, so shoppers can be redirected to product pages on the store’s website.

Daniel Alegre, president of retail shopping and payments at Google, says 50% of online shoppers think about buying a product after seeing an image of it. “We know that people use images and leverage images to a tremendous extent. They use it to shop.”

Earlier this week, Pinterest announced several expansions to its shopping features, including a new Catalogs feature where brands can upload full product catalogs onto Pinterest. Users, also known as Pinners, can receive personalized product recommendations based on their saved Pins, and can now shop products by brand.

Pinterest has also opened its shoppable ads feature to all businesses, available via the Ads Manager. Google did not mention which retailers are included in their test for shoppable ads, but they did cite searches for “home office ideas.”

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